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True-Light lamps are distinguished by:
  • The use of materials: pure argon gas, 14 natural phosphorus powders and UVA- and UVB-light transmitting sodium glass tubes.
  • Know-how: True-Light optimally and firmly reflects all spectrum colours in the right proportions, including the healthy UVA and UVB.
  • The full spectrum: a score of 96 on the internationally established Colour Rendering Index (daylight 100, Cool White 68).
  • The colour temperature: True-Light establishes the absolute temperature in order to gain the true daylight colour, being 5500 K.
  • The effects: optimum use of visual and the biomedical effects of daylight on mind and body.
  • Light yield: radiation across the full spectrum width and an excellent light yield (good light is not merely a matter of lux and lumen!).
  • Safety: cathodes and anodes are strengthened.
  • Durability: an average life span with electronic choking of 24000 hours. An electronic choke induces a 25% decrease of energy use.
  • Economic reasons: enhanced productivity, less stress, less absence through sickness, less mistakes, better colour rendition, more energy and ability to concentrate. Eye tasks requires approximately 80% of our energy. Seeing with True-Light is therefore much easier than with other light.

Healthcare: Natural way of lighting.

On many places True Light is a source of (day)light. Not only its near equivalence to sunlight is what makes True Light so popular. The positive side effects such as stimulation of vitamin D and calcium production and strengthening of the immune system make True Light the favourite light source among its users.

In the medical world True Light is known as a healthy and natural way of lighting. Good and clear light is important to anyone working in health care. All of the many medical and para medical specialists using True Light are enthusiastic and satisfied about it. True Light is a way of lighting that has a positive effect on metabolism, oxygen supply, hormones, glands, brain cells, productivity and mood. Due to this True Light contributes significantly to the health of humans and animals. True Light fights allergies, depressions and somatic diseases and has a positive effect on the production of white blood cells, circulation of the lymphatic system and fertility. True Light increases concentration and overall health.

Diagnosis and colour assessment.
Several hospitals and healthcare centres use True-Light. Also practitioners in a variety of medical professions have discovered the daylight lamps. True-Light give the perfect light for visual diagnosis and colour assessment.

For dentists True Light is a great light source when treating patients. Because of the perfect colour rendering, without deformation, checking a patient's denture with True Light is a lot easier. Less often a light well or laser has to be used, because more can be seen with the naked eye. Also less x-rays have to be made. Due to True Lights full spectrum daylight caries is visible in an early stage.

Working in a pharmaceutical company demands precision and advertence. Concentration cannot falter for a moment. Many pharmaceutical companies have few windows due to safety considerations and therefore lack daylight. Pharmaceutical employees need daylight. It keeps their ability to concentrate up and improves the ability to distinguish medicines based on colour. Reading the small letters, which can often be found on the packaging, is also much easier. True Light turns a pharmaceutical company into a pleasant and functional working environment!

More and more dermatologists use True Light. When making a diagnosis it is important to have a clear view of the skin without any distortion by yellowish light. True Light helps diagnosing skin conditions well. But also other medical specialists profit from a full spectrum daylight lamp. At the ER, True Light can help save lives, because dangerous skin conditions can be diagnosed in a earlier stage.
In physiotherapy True Light also gains ground rapidly. In a treatment area lighted by True Light a therapist has light at his disposal which almost equals real daylight. Observing and treating clients in comfortable light ensures a good working climate.

Depressions during the winter months often occur cold and wet countries like the Netherlands. Research has shown that 3% of the Dutch population suffer from winter depression as a result of a lack of day light. True Light can beat this depression. True Light's full spectrum light keeps the pineal body actively producing substances that influence the day- and night rhythm. Your doctor can tell you more about it.

The right for daylight

On average people are at work during the daytime. Most people work indoors and often there are not enough windows at the office or in the factory, while daylight is so important.

This is also acknowledged by FNV Bondgenoten (the Dutch trade union). They think everybody has the right to sufficient daylight at their workplace. It prevents a burning sensation in the eyes and ensures a proper vitamin production. The Dutch Working Conditions Act also states that daylight is of the utmost importance. Since several years the Working Conditions Act has specified daylight norms which workplaces have to meet, unfortunately this norm is not easy to comply withn.

True Light is more than a replacement of daylight coming through the windows. Working in a True Light environment is healthier. While sheet glass obstructs UV-light True Lights components do not block the beneficial UV-light, stimulating vitamin D production.

Comfortable lighting is an absolute necessity when working at an office. Unpleasant and artificial light reduces the attention span and regularly leads to complaints of headaches and stress. True Light reduces these complaints or makes them disappear. A workplace with True-Light is a guarantee for better performance and less absenteeism.

People who read a lot or work with computers, often show complaints like burning eyes and headaches. Because True Light lets the eyes come at ease and diminishes the flickering on the screen, these complaints will soon belong to the past.

A lot of people working under True Light say they do not even notice the light is turned on. This is how much True Light equals natural daylight.

Hyperactive children become calmer when True Light is lighting the classroom. Tests held on schools in the United Stated, show that emotional deficiencies related to seasons decreased after the existing Cool White fluorescent tubes were replaced by True-Light.

Children like working under True-Light. They notice they can look straight into the tubes, without it causing a nasty feeling in their eyes. Schools transform into quiet, relaxed learning environments leading to better performances and more energy.

Visitors to museums appreciate art in its truest shape. True Light shows colours the way the artist intended them to be. This brilliant colour rendition also comes in handy when working on a restoration of a painting.

In places where art is being made, like studios and workshops for students, True-Light is a valuable light source. Especially in the evening, colours look different than at daytime. True Light prevents disappointments. Because of the exact colour rendition you will not be unpleasantly surprised.

In your home
True Light is no mood lighting, but a functional light source. That is why True Light is perfect for the study. Reading your mail or other documents is better in daylight. The same goes for working at the computer. True Light can also be used very well in the garage; it ensures a clear view when working on your car. True Light helps you create a good overall view in garage or hobby room. True Light brings daylight into your home.
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